DOMESTIC air conditioning servicing


It’s not uncommon for people to only call in for a service when their equipment is not performing as it should. Unfortunately, by this time any problems that could have been avoided under a regular service plan have now grown into larger issues that typically cost more to repair.

Regular servicing, among other things, reduces the potential of larger problems developing and keeps your air conditioning equipment working as cost-effectively as it can.

the benefits of servicing.

Air conditioning systems are extremely reliable and are more cost-effective in operation when they are maintained properly. CAMCOOL’s Air Conditioning SERVICEPLAN provides regular servicing to ensure your air conditioning equipment continues to operate at its best.

Regular servicing is beneficial because...
  • Regular servicing maximises the life expectancy of the equipment.
  • Regular servicing identifies  problems sooner so they can be resolved before they become major issues.
  • Regular servicing ensures your equipment is operating  reliably and cost-effectively.
  • Regular servicing preserves any manufacturers warranty providing access to spare parts for free when needed.

What's checked on a service?

Our engineers follow a strict maintenance workflow that ensures that your system is checked throughly and is working as efficiently and cost-effectivly as possible.

Where any issues are found, our engineers will report back to us before we contact you to discuss the options available to you at this time.

All services come with an F-GAS certificate and a full report.

A service includes, but is not limited to...
  • The operation of the system in both cooling and heating modes.
  • Testing of controller functions including set points, fan speeds and louvre settings.
  • The inspection of the pipework to identify any refrigerant leaks.
  • The inspection of the fan motors, blades and bearing in both the indoor and outdoor units.
  • The inspection of all covers and the securing of these where necessary.
  • The inspection and cleaning of the air filters in the indoor unit.
  • The inspection and cleaning of the drip tray, drain pipework and any pump installed.
  • The inspection and cleaning of the indoor and outdoor evaporator fins.
  • The inspection of all electrical connections and the securing of these where necessary.
  • The checking of airflow and temperature differentials across the coils.


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